Alpha Xi Delta

Theta Kappa at University at Albany - SUNY

Chapter Sisters

Jen Chen

Active Member

Hi, im Jen. I joined AXID in the Fall of 2015. These past few years as a member in this sorority have been some of the best. I am so thankful to have met such a great group of girls that I really feel at home with.

Johanna Hearns

Active Member

I'm Johanna. Joining AXID was definitely a life changing experience. I never thought i would meet such a great group of girls that i can really connect with and be able to truly call them my best friends.

Samantha Salvador

Active Member

Hi everyone, I'm Sam. I am honored to have been able to be apart of such an amazing organization since the Fall of 2015. These girls have taught me so much and i am so happy to have grown with them these past few years.

Maire Hewitt

Active Member

Axid is always a good time, and I am just happy to be apart of it all! Cant wait to make so many more memories in the upcoming semesters. -Love Marie

Cindy Huang

Active Member

I'm Cindy! I'm a Public Health major/English minor. I joined ΑΞΔ my freshman year in Spring 15'. We are such a diverse group of girls that click so well together. These girls have definitely given me my best memories at college, they are my people!

Casey Cummings

Craft Chair

I've made lasting friendships since joining this organization and am so happy to have met so many great people, xoxi!

Stephanie Potter

Active Member

Hi I'm Stephanie. I'm a junior and the semesters with axid been unforgettable! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ashley Goldblatt

Active Member

I joined AXID Spring 2015 and I couldn't imagine my college experience without all the amazing friendships, memories, and opportunities that have come along with it.

Keara Mooney

Active Member

Hi I’m Keara & I’m currently a junior here at SUNY Albany majoring in accounting. I joined Alpha Xi Delta in the spring of 2015 and have made an infinite amount of fun and crazy memories since. Looking forward to another unforgettable semester!

Jessica Bishop

Craft Chair

Hi, I'm Jessica, a sophomore at the University at Albany and a beta gamma in the most amazing sisterhood ever Alpha Xi Delta. I enjoy music, hula hooping and painting but most of all hanging out with my sisters xxx

Alessandra Crocitto

Recording Secretary

Even though I've only been in the sorority for a short time, I've learned that being a part of a sisterhood shows you the importance of sustaining promising friendships, and there's nothing better than having a bunch of girls you can turn to no matter what

Victoria LaMontanaro

Active Member

Hello my names Victoria Lamontanaro. I'm from Long Island and I transferred to ualbany my sophomore year. I joined AXID to make more friends and met some really cool chicks.

Claudia Chalecki

Alumnae Relations

Hi I'm Claudia! I'm a new member to Alpha Xi Delta but the memories I've made so far are unforgettable and I am beyond excited to see what happens in the future. I couldn't be happier to have joined! - Love Claudia

Jennifer Kimmel

Active Member

Hi i'm Jenn i'm a communications major and joined AXID as a freshman and couldn't imagine college life without it. Since joining I've been public relations vice president and I am excited to spend my upcoming semesters with my sisters~

Ria Sarkar

Active Member

Joining a sorority is something I would have never seen myself doing in high school, now I can happily say it was one of the best decisions I've made.

Olivia Philips

Active Member

Wassup everyone! Im Olivia Phillips , currently a junior is the school of business pursuing a degree in Finance and Management. I love having a good time & chilling with positive vibes. Looking forward to getting to know everyone ✌

Stephanie Reiman

Active Member

Hey I'm Steph, I'm a junior and I'm from Long Island. I'm majoring in psychology. Axid has had a huge impact in my life. One of the best decisions I've ever made.

Emily Zoltan

Active Member

Hi I'm Emily and I'm currently a junior majoring in psych and minoring in philosophy and sociology. I joined ΑΞΔ in fall 2015 and have already made countless memories with my sisters, but I can't wait to make even more over the next few semesters!

KelliAnn Lynch

Active Member

Hi I'm Kelliann! I'm a junior here at UAlbany, studying Human Biology and Psychology. Being a sister of Alpha Xi Delta has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people, form lifelong friendships and grow overall as a person. I am so grateful to have found this amazing group of girls and would never have it any other way. Xoxi!

Bridget Bromberg

Active Member

Hi I'm Bridget & I'm currently a junior at SUNY Albany studying Public Health & Nursing. I joined ΑΞΔ in Fall 2015. I was Abroad last semester in Denmark & I am so excited to be back with my sisters!

Sarah Adams

Active Member

Hi i'm Sarah! This is my first year being apart of Alpha Xi Delta and I love it so much. I am an engineering major part of the 3+2 program at the university. Joining this sisterhood was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Rachel Rexroad

Active Member

Im a junior at SUNY Albany from New Jersey. I am a biology major and business minor. Being a part of Alpha Xi Delta has helped me build some of the strongest friendships, and make some of the best memories of my life. Rush ΑΞΔ

Marissa Sansotta

Active Member

My name is Marissa and i joined Alpha Xi Delta in Spring '16. It was without a doubt the best decision I could have made. I have found my forever friends and am beyond grateful for the girls I got to experience this with.

Steliana Philip

Active Member

Active member of NPC executive board. Happy to have spent my time with this sorority, and to have made this many connections in greek life at the university.

Charlotte Hatzel

Active Member

Love my sisters, and happy to have made best friends that will last beyond college!

Casey Cronin

Active Member

My names Casey and I never thought I'd join a sorority, but these girls have made such an impact and are definitely life long friends!

Ashley Jacks

Active Member

Being apart of alpha xi delta has made such positive impact on my experience at Suny Albany. I've met some of closest friends through my sorority and I can't imagine my life without them today. I'm so honored and proud to be in alpha xi! Xoxi

Sydney Valentin

Active Member

Hey I'm Sydney! I'm a sophomore and this is my first year apart of Alpha Xi Delta. The memories I've made with my sisters are unforgettable, and joining was the best decision I've made in college. Xoxi

Hannah Snow

Chapter Life Vice President

Hey everyone, I'm Hannah Snow. I'm a new member of Alpha Xi Delta from Syracuse, NY. Being the newest Philanthropy chair, I am very excited for the future of the Theta Kappa chapter, xoxi!

Brooke Chemotti

Public Relations Vice President

Maggie Zhang

Financial Vice President

Taylor Farrier

Programs Vice President

Nicole Nelson

Membership Vice President

Nikki Siplo

Active Member

Mandy Chen

Active Member

Amanda Torillo

Active Member

Maryana Pivovarova

Panhellenic Delegate

Emma Dervin